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Landstar Cold Chain Services

Cold Chain

Need an expert on the requirements and challenges of high-security, temperature sensitive freight?

Our cold chain solutions include:

  • 24-hour temperature monitoring and equipment tracking
  • Temperature controlled and thermal mapped equipment
  • Quality assurance processes to comply with pharmaceutical guidelines
  • Skilled team owner-operators with experience delivering temperature sensitive freight safely and on-time

Contact GORILLA FREIGHT, LLC to handle your pharmaceuticals, produce, plants, frozen foods and other cold chain shipments.

In the world of shipping and logistics, intermodal refers to the use of more than one mode of transportation to move a container or trailer. Drayage refers to the transport of cargo over a short distance, or as part of a longer distance. To ship cargo, combining the use of truck, rail and ocean is seen as an effective way to meet the modern-day shipping time and cost demands that long-haul, over-the-road trucking fails to do.)